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FM WhatsApp Download APK New Version Latest Updated in Mar. 2024 | Official

Latest Version: V9.98 | Official Website:

FM WhatsApp Download New Version – As a WA Mods that has been steadily updated, FM WhatsApp must be a better choice for you. Hide blue double ticks, anti-delete messages or ghost mode and much more – FM WhatsApp offers a series of extra features that the original WA can’t provide, and they’ll make things a lot easier for you. Whether you’re a new or old user, reading this article will give you a better understanding of FM WhatsApp: learn more about its features and understand how to quickly download and install FM WhatsApp APK latest version.

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is one of the common mods of the original WA, maintained by the R&D team Fouad Mods, which aims to provide users with a wide range of additional features that the original WhatsApp cannot offer. The app stands out for its colourful custom themes, cutting off dynamic tracking and other unique features. It enables every FM WhatsApp user to enjoy the unique experience of SVIP! Currently, the launch of the FM WhatsApp latest version – FM WhatsApp V9.98 has even made it the first choice of many users!

Reliable Information About Latest FM WhatsApp APK

Fouad Mods has not long ago launched the FM WhatsApp latest version – FM WhatsApp V9.98. There is no doubt that this FM WhatsApp update is still packed with unlimited surprises for the users just like the previous version. Listed below is a detailed table that allows you to navigate to the highlights of Latest FM WhatsApp APK. Firstly, the size of the installation package of FM WhatsApp V9.98 hasn’t changed much from the previous version. Secondly, FM WhatsApp V9.98 keeps her good tradition: even though multiple features are offered, you can still download FM WhatsApp latest version without ads for free from this official website in a safe and hassle-free way.

FM WhatsApp Screenshot

fm whats
FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp V9.98 Changelog

Introduced Ghost Mode

Implemented Individual Control for Media Download in Each Chat

Incorporated WhatsApp’s Old User Interface Style (FMMods > Home > Header > Home UI Style)

Integrated the Feature to View Message Edit History

Introduced an Option to Show/Hide the Ghost Mode Icon

Enhanced Antiban Measures

Reintroduced the Option to Display Night/Light Icon on the Home Screen

Activated Multiple Account Support on the Same Device

Enabled Adjustment of Group Permissions

Activated the New Settings User Interface

Enabled the Creation of Profile @username; Awaiting Server Activation

Enabled the Addition of Email Address to Your Account (Settings > Account)

Provided an Option to Approve New Group Members Before Joining

Enabled the Media Preview Feature

Fixed View Status Hiding Problem on Some Phones

Rectified Audio Recording with Rounded Entry

Fixed Non-functional Swipe Row Features

Eliminated Unwanted Space During UI Scrolling

Fixed Crashes on Some Phones

Resolved Theme Download Problem on Android 14+

Fixed Backup/Restore Issues on Android 14+

Addressed Crashes on Older Devices

Restored the Original Order of Tabs

Fixed Custom Privacy Settings for Business Chats

Resolved Date Bubble Visibility Issue During Scrolling

Adjusted the Screen Share Button Color in Calls

Resolved Text Display Issues on White Theme During Calls

Resolved Search Functionality in Calls

Fixed Random Crashes in Bubble Bottom Bar

Addressed Issues with Anti-View Once Feature

Fixed Storage Problems on Android 14

Resolved Backup/Restore Issues on Android 13+

Fixed iOS14 Entry Style

Resolved Crashes in Calls History on Some Phones

Moved Light/Night Mode Option to FMMods > FMThemes

Adjusted Priority, Giving Ghost Mode Precedence Over Custom Privacy

Various General Bug Fixes

Click here to download FM WhatsApp V9.98

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How to Update FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp Update New Version

  • Visit this FM WhatsApp official website to check if FM WhatsApp Download Latest Version is available!
  • If the latest version is available, download latest FM WhatsApp APK from this website and install it on your mobile phone. Now FM WhatsApp can be overwritten with the FM WhatsApp old version, you don’t need to uninstall FM WhatsApp old version in advance.
  • Wait for the update to complete and follow the instructions to log in to FM WhatsApp. You can also restore your previous chat history by following the instructions.
  • For those who have downloaded FM WhatsApp old version from the official website, you can update the app by clicking Update in Settings.
update FM WhatsApp

New FM WhatsApp with New Feature

Personalized Aesthetics

  • Customize your theme with FM WhatsApp, offering a plethora of downloadable themes through FMTheme.
  • Set your favorite picture as wallpaper.
  • Tailor the font, chat bubble color, and style to your liking.
  • Choose a unique launcher icon style and notification icon style for FM WhatsApp App.
  • Adjust the background bar, status bar, and navigation bar colors.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

  • Utilize the call filter feature to block unwanted contacts and strangers.
  • Enable the built-in app lock for individual privacy, securing FM WhatsApp Download 2024.
  • Anti-message deletion reveals deleted messages, ensuring no details are missed.
  • Disable last view, blue double ticks, and input status to avoid tracking.
  • Hide your name when viewing others’ statuses.
  • Conceal forwarding tags when sending messages.
  • Hide typing status for added privacy.

Overcoming Sharing Restrictions

  • Send high-resolution images without compression.
  • Create groups with up to 500 users, surpassing the original WA’s limit of 250.
  • Share a variety of file types and larger files.
  • Send up to 90 high-resolution images simultaneously.
  • Transfer audio files of up to 100MB each.
  • Post statuses lasting up to 7 minutes, outpacing WA users.

FM WhatsApp 2024 VS WhatsApp 2024

The table below details the difference between FM WhatsApp new version and New WhatsApp, you can quickly get the information according to the table below and pick the more suitable app for you!

How to Install FM WhatsApp APK?

Before you download FM WhatsApp APK, you need to prepare the following:

1. Make sure the internet connection is smooth

2. Make sure your phone has enough memory space

FM WhatsApp APK installation steps:

1. Click on the download button below and make sure you are downloading FM WhatsApp latest version from the official website; this ensures that you are downloading the safest and most reliable FM WhatsApp APK with no adverts;

2. Click on the downloaded FM WhatsApp APK and follow the prompts, click Next.

3. At this point, if you have not previously enabled the mobile phone system to allow unknown sources of installation, then FM WhatsApp will automatically guide you to open the unknown sources of installation, as shown in the figure below; if you have previously allowed the mobile phone to install the unknown sources of the app, then you will automatically go to the next step;

FM WhatsApp update

4. Click Install and wait for the installation to complete. This may take a few seconds, so please be patient.

5. when the installation is complete, FM WhatsApp will request some permissions to access photos, media and files. It’s a good idea to agree to this step as it will give you the best possible experience (of course, you can also refuse). But you can be 100% sure that even though FM WhatsApp is requesting access to these permissions, it will not give away your privacy. You don’t have to worry about security;

6. After that, you can choose the language you are familiar with and enter the FM WhatsApp login screen;

7. select the country and region where your mobile phone number is located, enter your specific mobile phone number and select next step

8. Now you can use FM WhatsApp App successfully! Start your own SVIP journey.

FM WhatsApp Install
FM WhatsApp Installing
FM WhatsApp installed
access FM WhatsApp
FM WhatsApp Language
Welcome to FM WhatsApp
FM WhatsApp Enter number

FM WhatsApp FAQs

1. Is FM WhatsApp safe?

Yes, FM WhatsApp download APK from this official website is very safe and you don’t need to worry about it.

2. How to download FM WhatsApp latest version

You can click the button below to download FM WhatsApp latest version!

3. How to hide online in new FM WhatsApp?
FM WhatsApp Privacy
4. How to change FM WhatsApp icon

1. Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

2. Select Universal

3. click Style (Look and feel)

4. Click on Launcher Icons.

5. Start selecting your favourite launcher icons! There are many styles waiting for you!

universal FM WhatsApp
5. Is FM WhatsApp same as GB WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are both mods of the original WA, and they are basically similar in functionality. However, FM WA is currently maintained by only one R&D team, Fouad Mods, while GB WhatsApp has two R&D teams, AlexMods | HeyMods and Fouad Mods.

6. Who is the owner of FM WhatsApp?

Currently, FM WhatsApp is owned by Fouad Mods, who are responsible for FM WA update and maintenance!

7. Can I install other WA Mods on my phone after installing FM WhatsApp ?

One of the features of FM WhatsApp is that it allows you to install multiple WA Mods on the same device. Once you have installed FM WA, you also have the option to continue installing GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus to continue expanding your SVIP experience.

8. What is FM GB WhatsApp?

Currently, there is no WA Mods named as FM GB WhatsApp, which might be confusing the concept of FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. However, you can choose to download either FM WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp, both of them are excellent instant messaging apps that can bring you joy and happiness.

About Us is the FM WhatsApp official website, aiming to be the first to provide the FM WhatsApp latest news and the reliable FM WhatsApp APK latest updates. You can bookmark our website to get FM WhatsApp related information anytime!

We also provide you with full technical support, whether before you download FM WhatsApp APK or after you install FM WhatsApp, you can convey your suggestions and queries to us by clicking here. We wish you a perfect journey of using FM WhatsApp!


To sum up, you can understand that FM WhatsApp is a very fascinating WA Mod. while running stably, it can also be used with numerous extra features – such as personalised aesthetics, multiple password locks, and ghost mode – to bring the users more freshness. It can be said that FM WhatsApp is a rich addition to the basic functions of the original WA, and its great flexibility can meet your different expectations! Try it out and you’ll love FM WhatsApp forever. click the button below to download FM WhatsAppAPK!

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